What Is Family Planning ?

The Family Planning Center is led by a team of Obstetrician-Gynecologists trained in the subspecialty of Family Planning who are national and international leaders in women’s reproductive health. There is no other group of physicians in this region with the same level of training and expertise.
At the Diva Women's Clinic, we believe that every woman deserves nonjudgmental, confidential, and compassionate attention to her unique needs throughout her reproductive life. We will help you decide which birth control options are best for you, in light of your lifestyle, family planning goals, and any medical conditions that you may have. We also provide counseling and care for women in need of an elective abortion, treatment for miscarriage or fetal death, and termination due to medical reasons. The Diva Women's Clinic, along with all of the physicians in Obstetrics and Gynecology at UC Davis, are invested in helping every woman regardless of her choices or needs during pregnancy.

Our Services

Birth control (all types, including IUDs, pills, patch, and implants)

Complex contraception for patients with complex or chronic medical conditions

Emergency contraception ("Plan B")

Pregnancy testing and options counseling

Medical abortion ("Abortion Pill")

First and second trimester surgical abortion services*

Sterilization (tubal ligation, Essure tubal occlusion

Medical and surgical management of miscarriage

Sexually transmitted infection (STI) management

Interpreter services for non-English-speaking patients


* If you require a termination of pregnancy procedure in the first trimester of pregnancy, this often can be done in one day
without a pre-procedure visit. If you require a termination of pregnancy procedure in the second trimester, you will need one or possibly two pre-procedural visits for cervical preparation

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